Thursday, July 26, 2012

Interview with Joseva Verevou


Joseva Verevou is a 38 year old teacher at Suva Special School. He lives in Suva, Fiji and is a father to three daughters and a son. Joseva was born without any arms and does most things with his legs, like writing, reading a book or climbing a coconut tree to pick coconuts. He doesn’t see disability as a problem because he tries to do anything that an able-bodied person can. His actions are a testament that he can do anything.

Joseva Verevou tries out the tricycle. (Source: Fiji Times)
He enjoys teaching and would like to secure a scholarship to complete a degree in education. This he says is challenging because there are not many opportunities for those with disabilities who would like to further their education. Joseva has faced some form of discrimination from the community and has learnt to get over it. He has a very supportive wife and family. His outlook on life is to not “look at your disability but rather look at your abilities!”

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